Dolphin 9700 New PDA format Rugged PDA from Honeywell

This has been a long time coming but finally Honeywell, formerly HHP, have launched an up to date PDA format Rugged PDA in the shape of the new Dolphin 9700.

Honeywell’s new rugged PDA is a rugged digital assistant that focuses on multi-functional data collection with ease of use to better serve customers while maximizing worker productivity through optimized user interface, system performance, and ergonomics.
Tasks mobile workers can perform include: email, instant messaging, capture images, video in color, thanks to Adaptus Imaging Technology paired with the camera to easily incorporate data into new/existing business applications- and bar code scans, GPS tracking, and navigation. With multiple high-speed wireless technologies (3.5G GSM/HSDPA, 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth, IrDA, and GPS) and functionality under a single device, cost is reduced and keeps companies connected to workers and customers.

Some of the features and benefits:
-Global High-Speed Wireless Technology
-Ultra-Bright 3.7″ VGA Display
-Windows Mobile 6.5; touch-friendly interface, web browser functionality, 3rd party application support
-Ergonomic Scan and Navigation Keys, QWERTY and Numeric Keyboards
-Adaptus Imaging Technology, 2 Mega Pixel Auto Control Camera
-Ultra-Loud Front and Rear Speakers
-Shift-PLUS Power Management; 8 hours or more running real-time wireless and multi-media

Although a very late comer we think this is a welcome product that should do well in a very, very competitive segment of the rugged PDA market.  If the Dolphin 9700 can bring the solid values of its other data capture products in a modern package then it should fair well if the price is set competitively.
The 9700 Rugged PDA should be available Q1 in the UK.

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