Because we have had so many questions regarding these 2 products and also lots of new propducts going on right now, i’m going to dedicate this week to products and product news!

Today we thought we’d clear everything up about the Pidion HM45 and BP70.

This is a short update for anyone buying the following Bluebird Pidion rugged devices:

Bluebird BP70 – End of lifed

The BP70 has been removed from sale.  No reason has been given other than “end of lifing” it.  The BP50 has had issues too but will go back on sale ASAP new and improved.  The BP80 status is unchanged.  This leaves Bluebird with no 10″ Android option.

Update: Bluebird have told us that the BP70 is in fact now not going EOL so “Geoffrey, we have a difference of opinion here!” We sell as much of this stuff as anyone else and we don’t know what’s going on si leave it in Bluebirds court.  Maybe someone from Bluebird can comment here about it?

Alternative Android Tablets

Pidion HM45 – End of lifed

The Pidion HM45 has also been “end of lifed”  with immediate effect.  The BM180 and BP30 are now coming fairly soon to the UK (See next blog) and these devices will replace the HM45, although how a 5″ LCD EPOS focussed device replaces a 3.5″ LCD small one i’m not so sure.

We have lots of really great alternatives right here:

3.5″ LCD – Gen2Wave RP1100

4.3″ LCD – Gen2Wave RP1300, Raptor R4

5″ Screen – Raptor R5

Just come ask us if you need any more help.

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