This year has been full of change for us at Raptor and Rugged and Mobile, which has meant a lot of hard work, success and frustration as we have strived to get to where we wanted to be.  Part of that change has seen us drastically change our core rugged hardware business, turning essentially a reselling function into own range of “Raptor” branded rugged devices.  We’re not doing a whole lot different, we just needed a proper home for all the cool stuff, innovation and ideas we constantly have. Raptor has grown rapidly over 2016 and we’re already set for a very successful 2017.

We’ve also had to change in the area of software too. Previously we’ve been a Windows mobile house, offering bespoke software to those who needed it, but now we’ve transformed ourselves into a far more professional mobile agency focused on technologies like Android, .NET, Firebase, cloud and more.

Our Raptor tool belt apps are only the beginning of what our plans are.  Android, whether it’s hardware, OS or software will be at the heart  of what we do as we move forward as will IOS, KIOSK/MDM services and core mobile, web and cloud storage technologies as we focus on what customers need today.  IOT will also come to the forefront here as it starts to step on our every day “Smartphone” driven lives and we’re already developing our first IOT API that will serve our customers as mobile technology changes once more in the industries you guys all work in.

I just wanted to make a comment on all of that so everyone knows what we have been doing and what we now are.

I wanted to end with a big thank-you to everyone at Raptor and Rugged and Mobile, the work and commitment has been 2nd to none this year and it made me truly realise that we’ve not built a business, but a family here.

Secondly a big thank-you goes out to all our customers, some of you have helped us, been really patient and understanding but all of you have been just great and we’re super excited to work further with you all in 2017, whether its hardware, software or deployment services.

So as we shut down for 2016 today I wanted to send out a big Merry Christmas to everyone.  I wish you all the best fortune and luck for 2017 and as we take a well earned rest we’ll all see you on the other side!…

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About The Author

Dave's one of the founders of Raptor, his rants are memorable, his thoughts are stimulating and his heart is set on helping, entertaining and making things like mobile, Android, ruggedness, 3D printing and IOT simple.

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