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Just a quick update on how we’re getting along with our eShop. Good news is that we have the last of our partnerships in place which will allow us to sell TomTom 7.0 software and some Acer PDA’s.

The website has gone through an official Alpha test this week and we’re building in the catalogue now and going live next week. We’ll ramp up the products over a 2 week period to ensure that all our data feeds are working properly but remember we can find most products if you call us and give us a few days.

You’ll be able to order through our website using your credit card and you’ll be able to log in to Rugged Rescue, our rugged pda support portal from the main page. We’re also busy building in our business approval service right now so that approved businesses will be able to order via invoice online. In effect you’ll be able to get an online credit account with us.

We’ve also got development of the project element of Service Gateway under-way so we’ll soon be running our projects through this portal too. It’s really going to put service at the heart of what we do and we very proud to be able to put our customers at the centre of our business.

I’m really excited about this. The shop looks great it will make us unique in our market and will give customers something that a lot of you have been asking about.



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