I’m sorry but for today i’m hi-jacking the blog for the sake of football!  We’re based in Liverpool, so football plays a big part of life here, however i’m born and bred Leicester who yesterday shocked the football world by becoming 5000/1 outsider champions of the English premier league.

I’m still finding things a little hard to understand this morning and perhaps amie Carragher’s point last night helps a little bit.  He underlined the fact that this is footballing history by pointing out that Manchester United had spent more in the past 2 years on footballers than Leicester City had spent in the whole of their 132 year existence, and yet UTD remain 6th, almost out of touch of Champions league football, whilst Leicester became champions with 2 games to spare!

I don’t want to analyse anything today, I don’t want to wonder… I just want to try and let the feeling that dreams do come true and that hard work, commitment and team spirit can go a lot further than money.

We have a saying here, do a lot with as little as you can and it’s got us a long way, Leicester were the epitome of that this season.

Well done LCFC, I am so proud of what we have all achieved.  Football will never be the same and this is quite possible the biggest sporting upset ever! If you still don;t believe that then go and have a look at the team celebrating at Jamie Vardy’s house last night!


Dave out!

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