I wanted to do a quick FAQ today about the way Pidion rugged PDA’s behave on low power, in particular stopping the phone from switching off at low power.  This is something we get asked a lot about but which never quite seems to make the blog!

The issue

The issue is in fact not an issue at all, it’s a feature!  At 20% battery power all Pidions from BM170’s up to BIP-7000’s will switch their phone and modems off in an effort to conserve power.  Now before you put your judgement hats on about this, all PDA’s do the same.  Check your Motorola and Intermec and you’ll find the same functionality right there but it’s just implemented a wee bit better. Essentially this is a relic from the past where perhaps up to the minute syncing wasn’t required like today and also where the PDA’s were not used as aggressively as phones or Internet connected tools either.  Anyway it’s easily remedied!

The solution

You need to tweak a registry setting.  Now we don’t recommend our users doing this so we have a little cab file you can download and run to ‘switch this behaviour on…..and switch it off again!  If enabled then the phone chip never switches off.

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