Hi there, I thought I would carry on from yesterdays blog about Semi-Rugged PDA’s Vs smartphone and give people a list of pointers where perhaps they don’t need to buy Fully Rugged and are suitable candidates to go “semi!”

Semi rugged pda’s are not for everyone but for some they are the right product and the cost savings can be significant, here’s the main indicators we look for to identify a semi-rugged appropriate customers:

1. Money Money Money!

OK, if you don’t have the wonga then you have no choice.  Rugged PDA’s, like anything else, are coming down in price but a semi rugged PDA can be sub £400 for the right model.  If you haven’t got the money to spend on a fully rugged handheld then semi-rugged is still better than smart phone!

2. Smaller Size

If you actually need something small then semi-rugged is the way to go.  Yes there are “Small Rugged PDA’s” but these still have a lot of features built-in like scanners that pump the price up so if you need something small then it’s often a consideration.

3.  Smartphone style Usage

If you’re simply after a durable smartphone then a semi rugged PDA is perfect.  As the mobile solutions market generally grows, there are many solutions that simply don’t require a fully rugged PDA.  A semi rugged one might give you the best of both worlds.

4.  Gentle Users

If you have 100 Couriers forget it, but if you’re workers can look after your device or indeed if they pay for them themselves then semi-rugged can also be considered.  If the user looks after their device then it will probably be OK.

5.  Short Asset Turnover

Some customers just like to turn their assets over quicker and in this case buying a smaller, cheaper and less rugged PDA might be the best use of your money.  As long as you aren;t in a rugged environment then this should be fine!

Don’t forget, if in doubt, get int ouch with us here and we’ll always show you the way to the ideal PDA for your business.

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