I’m seeing a trend with Rugged PDA’s as the long tail of marketing starts to show in the sometimes sleepy world of Rugged PDA’s.
In the past we used to have a clear-cut market.  We had consumer devices, well served by HTC and a few other manufacturers and we had the Rugged market that gave business something tough to run their business on.

But there always was and still is a larger number of businesses embarking on their first mobile project and as such it is still very hard to convince them that they need to spend more in order to protect their business investment.  They invariably end up buying a nice cheap HTC device for £300 which breaks 4 or 5 times in 12 months with very little in the way of support.

However the days of weighing up a £300 against an £800 device are gone and the new wave of device we’re now seeing like the GX8010 or gSmart from GaneData are leading the way in not having to compromise in my view.  These start at £500 but they’re IP65 rated with a proper drop spec.  Granted they have to cut some of the latest tech out of them (Even if they have OEM Motorola or Honeywell scanner tech) but essentially your business can now choose a rugged pda that’s supported, road mapped and at the same time great value.  They’re the same small size, they have great battery life and they offer the latest Windows Mobile OS’s.

The Motorola MC35 made an attempt at filling this gap but it’s failing was that it was not actually rugged and it came with a lot of problems indicative of the consumer PDA it actually was under the skin.  Companies like Pidion with the BM-150R, GaneData’s GX8010 and GSmart are really leading the way down the long tail of the Rugged PDA market in my view.

It’ll be interesting to see how well they do in the next 12 months as customer demand for more tightly specified Rugged PDA’s becomes more prevalent.


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5 Responses

  1. GrayM

    Would you mind confirming if these small rugged PDAs have the same size screen as my old HTC TytnII?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Yes they do, 2.8″. For some these are fine as they make for a small device, but for the growing league of finger poking and gesture swiping bods, they are typically too small. They’re too small to make any use of the VGA resolution that some have in our view here.

  2. Tim Colley

    Just picked up one of these GX8010s in the form of the HH 8010. Waiting on the delivery but i think this machine has all the connectivity that i’ve been missing in the past. i have also previously tried the MC35 as well but i foud the camera scanner to be a bit hit-or-miss, mainly due to the low resoloution and the lack of light. maybe this one is the answer i was looking for. especially since i got lucky on ebay and paid only £21 for it 😉

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Tim, don’t forget that this device has no GPS, no Camera and uses only 2G. The scanner on it (if it has been specced) would be the Adaptus 5 2D scanner and that works really well though.