So the last blog was all about IP ratings and how these can be used to assess if your rugged PDA is rugged or not and also looked at how dust can utterly destroy a mobile device if it’s not protected.

Today I wanted to impart some top tips on buying and keeping your devices dust proof, so here there are!

1. To begin with look for a device with the right IP rating for you IP5X or 6X. Both are rugged and will be fine for all but the most dusty/dirty environments, anything less is not!  IP54 tends to be found on smaller, lighter devices, whereas IP64/IP65+ devices tend to be either more waterproof or larger types of devices.

2. Rubber covers that cover micro USB or headphone sockets if missing or not fitted properly will mean your mobile device is exposed. Keep them fitted, get them repaired or replaced if they’re missing.

3. Don’t hot swap batteries in the field out in the open in maximum dusty/wet conditions.  The underneath of your battery needs to keep dry and the heat from the battery can even help to corrode a device if damp or dust gets in.

4. Use a case!! A case will stop dust from damaging the outer casings, LCD and buttons.  Dust or sand doesn’t have to get into a device to damage it!!

5.  Use a screen protector.  Even Gorilla glass gets scratched over time and styluses tapping the same area of the screen repeatedly will wear it down, so make sure that thin plastic screen protector is fitted at all times and is kept working new.

6. Make sure anything that creates a seal is securely fitted, dry and dust free when fitting.  Batteries, connectors, end caps, rubber boots and anywhere that can expose the seals of the device can seal dust in as well as keep it out!

7. Rugged devices have a habit of keeping going when dropped, but if there’s a crack in the case or a rubber seal has been disrupted then it can let dust and water in.  Make sure you give your devices a regular check as this sort of repair will not be covered under warranty and often can write off a device.

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