So we know that Rugged PDA’s are rugged but do we really know everything that we need to about whether a rugged mobile PDA is rugged or not?

Rugged PDA Support

For instance IP42 is not rugged, not rugged at all and yet we’ve had an influx of customers here recently telling us it is…the cheek of it!!  Maybe something to do with how the Motorola ES400 is being mis-sold by all those little mobile phone companies maybe?  Cheers for doing that BTW Motorola, big up on looking after your rugged partners…….I let my mind wander….

So I thought this week we’d take a look at all the main facets of what makes a Rugged PDA actually rugged as there is a lot more than meets the eye.

I’ll do this in 6 parts with a brief overview here and I’ll put links in as I go along:

Part 1 – IP Ratings

Yes Dust and waterpoofness are certainly a measure of ruggedness but there’s more that meets the eye here.  I’ll uncover what IP ratings really mean.

Part 2 – Drop Specs

The most important element of a rugged device in my view is the drop spec or how “Droppable” it is.  Again there are a lot of tricks of the trade here and I’ll talk you through the minefield.

Part 3 – Device Design

This is more of a common sense look at how a Rugged PDA’s design can either make or break any of its ruggedness.

Part 4 – Environment and your solution

Here we take a look at how getting the right type of rugged device for you solution is key.  It’s not a case of getting the most rugged device, but there are a lot of other elements that can determine success or failure of your rugged Mobile platform.

Part 5 – Support

What happens when it all goes wrong.  Even the most rugged devices are probably not going to survive a forklift driving over them and they do fail from time to time.  We explore warranty, support products and why a decent rugged PDA reseller is essential in keeping your business running when your rugged device fails.

Part 6 – What does IP42 really mean!?

We end with a tongue in cheek look at what IP42 really means and why a lot of …Ahem…rugged devices…cough, ES400….cough… are not rugged, being sold by people who don’t know anything about them and will cost you dear in the end.

I’ll get on top of part 1 today!!



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