The Motorola MC65 and ES400 are about 9-12 months into their life now so they should be pretty stable but they still represent the majority of the issues we have to deal with here at Rugged and Mobile.  However Motorola have been busy trying to get better builds for these devices that do attempt to resolve many of the issues we and others have been experiencing and i wanted to make sure that users out there knew what to do if they were having issues.

We build a lot of solutions here that require a delicate understanding of the device and we often go quite deep into SDK’s, often stretching all the Rugged PDA’s we sell to their limits in order to help customers make the most out of their mobile solution and Motorola Rugged PDA’s are no exception.  On one hand we always understand that we’re likely to see many issues that many other resellers don’t but on the other we feel that a rugged handheld designed for line of business applications should be better.

A bit of advice here.  If you own an MC65 or ES400 make sure you go and check out the website and download the latest builds so that your device is bang up to date.  We’ve tested the latest builds on both devices and in all fairness they have corrected many of the issues we have been experiencing with our customers.

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  1. Tom

    Where do you see updated ROM for ES400?

    Last one at is from 2011-03-15