So whilst we talked about ruggedness yesterday, ruggedness is a key principle in creating a mobile mission critical, line of business solution, having a rugged PDA is not the only area you need to consider.  Today we look at Service and support in general and why Rugged PDA service is what you need.

Rugged PDA service – The basics

First of all you need to ensure the is a service package as many manufacturers still don’t have one.  Most though will have something that carries the following services for you:

  • An SLA (3-5 days)
  • Accidental breakage cover
  • Repair, labour and parts costs inclusive

These are quite literally the basics you need to get anything like a TCO model and to get back broken devices quickly.

Whatever also look for the following things that we feel customers need for a great repair and service product:

  1. Quick service, with SLA’s that mean something.  Either get the stats from the supplier of previous fixes or get something back if SLA’s are missed.
  2. Good communication and access to engineers and/or account managers so you know what went wrong, why and understand what is going on at any time. Ask about the access you will get to engineers because you might be surprised at the answer.
  3. Proactive feedback so you can understand and then stop issues happening before they occur.
  4. Service with a ‘can do attitude’ so you know that if all else fails you can at least get things fixed and move on, warranty covered, service product covered or not.
  5. Innovation in service products offered.  Look for tailoring to your needs, look for a willingness to do what it takes and even ask to see the repair centre things will be performed at.

We’ll go into this in next weeks series which talks about service and support in more details but hopefully this will offer a taster as to how important a good repair and service product needs to be in place when deploying a mission critical mobile solution.

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