So firstly Happy New Year everyone.  I was watching Bade Runner over Christmas (Again!) and I can’t believe we’ve almost caught up the dates in that film, 2013 sounds like we’re all living in the future!

We always kick off the new year with a tongue in cheek look back at our Rugged and Mobile predictions for 2012, just to see what we got right and what we got wrong so here goes:

1. The rise of the Tablet

Well we didn’t really need a crystal ball for this one, however the rise of the tablet didn’t go according to what we though and will be the core of change this year for us at least here.

2. The rise of Semi-Rugged

The Motorola ES400 continued to sell well and the pressure of cheaper Rugged PDA’s was certainly a key factor last year.  Android also pushed a new class of Rugged Android Device and we saw increased pressure back down to smartphone too, kind of like the old days of Windows mobile!  What was a fact was that flexibility, cost and the ability to change in solutions was of far more concern than having a more mission critical non-changing environment as has been traditionally sought by customers.

3. The demise of laser scanners

Meaning that the rise of linear LED technology would finally see off the traditional laser based tech.  I think the trend will continue, it’ll fizzle out but only eventually.

4. Rugged Expertise, Passion and Service required!

Basically this was a key part of our strategy last year, to improve our service to Insane levels, to repair anything we can and to also bark at manufacturers to make their service better too!  The greater the service and the more transparent and passionate we got = more customers!

5. Choice becomes infinite

Taking a nod at the Long Tail we got this one bang  on with Resellers taking on more kit, a new manufacturer approaching us through the blog every week and with some super great new brands added , we’ll continue to see the choice rise dramatically this year.

6. 4G and increased Data Speed

The much anticipated 4G barely saw the light of day in 2012 but it was launched, it is here (Apparently!) and we should see big pushes into using it in 2013.

7. Cloud Takes off

Again no prizes for this one.  We practically don’t deliver any solutions any more that don;t run in the RAM cloud here.

8. Android Takes over

Again this was an easy one but only now do we see the extent of Android.  80% of the smart phone market, a new Android rugged PDA released practically every month but are people buying them yet?

9. Increased Trust in Mobile EPOS

I’m not so sure we saw the boom we were looking for and I’ve certainly not yet used the tap and pay cards myself yet so maybe this year will be the year for mobile payments to go fully mainstream?

10. RFID Finally Matters

Well it did here with quite a few NFC based projects being delivered this year along with a new product of our own.  2012 was definitely a year that pushed RFID onwards and upwards!

So there you have it, we’ll re-visit our trends of 2013 and see what you think in the coming posts!

Here’s to a prosperous and purposeful 2013!

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