This week we’re going to focus on everything that’s cheap in an effort to show people how easy it is to save money on your rugged solution without skimping on quality or raising any of your risks. In fact you’ll be reducing your risks and increasing quality of solution at times despite being cheaper rugged PDA’s and Printers.

The world has changed. Bell curves are flattening in all markets meaning there is far, far more choice and the old big seller Rugged PDA’s and printers are simply not as popular as you think they are any more.  We must get emails from a brand new unheard of manufacturer at least every week now and, I admit, a lot of it is “Tat” as Keith Lemon would say but you know what, a lot of it isn’t shabby either.  Not shabby at all actually.

Brands like Dotel, Ganedata, Pidion, Woosim for a start offer fabulous products and with a sprinkling of reseller innovation you can actually get a better solution but pay almost half the money to get it.

Hopefully that tees up the series nicely for you.  We’ll take a step by step view on all the important things you should be doing when considering a rugged solution.  We’ll start with resellers that care, look at cheaper rugged PDA’s and printers, show why the big brands aren’t as great value for money as they used to be and we’ll also put a few facts right as we go along.  You’ll soon find that it’s not about the hardware at all!

Tomorrow we’ll kick off with choosing the right reseller!

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  1. Ashley F

    I really wait with baited breath. Rugged PDA’s are so expensive so if there are any out there that are more smart phone priced then i’m all ears.