So we thought we needed a fresh look at what businesses are looking for when they buy their enterprise rugged mobile devices.  This is not about corporate users who tend to buy iphone or samsung devices, this is about true enterprise customers who use mobile devices as part of their mobile business processes.

So! on to the top things to look out for are:


I hear so many people talk about battery it has to be the top feature enterprise mobile customers look for.  Battery technology improves leaps and bounds almost every year, but all that does is encourages new technologies that just sap every ounce of power regardless!  A good charging strategy works but nothing beats a super big battery.  The Raptor R5 has the biggest 6000mAh battery you’ll find in a rugged device!

Size difference of 3600 and 6000 mAh batteries


This is still one of the key factors of an enterprise device.  Broken mobile devices = downtime = losing money!  Rugged kit should have a genuine drop spec and an IP rating to wthstand dust and water penertration.


As mobile becomes ubiquitous in business, so turns the hackers eye!! Android is now the most popular OS on the planet, full stop so it is open to all kinds of attacks if you don;t look after them.  Make sure you have the tools, configurations and MDM access set up so you can pre-empt issues and deal with them if they occur.


There’s simply no point buying a huge great whopping £1500 rugged device any more.  They’re a waste of money, your users don’t understand them because they;re not familiar and big batteries and screens don’t mean you have to have a big device any more.  Big is bad, Phablet is good!


Mobile devices need to be familiar if they’re going to be loved by your users, loved by IT because they don;t have the issues and also loved by your finance team because you won;t need as much training to get users up to speed.  Enterprise mobile devices should be pick up and go ready for your users now.

Screen size

Bigger is better, in the enterprise market 5″ seems to be the favorite size.  You can do so much more with a larger screen which means your devices can take on new roles without you having to update or replace them.

What can you expect from Rugged PDA Support?

What can you expect from your Enterprise Rugged mobile Support?


Cracked screen?  OS or software issue, who you gonna call and how long will it take?  make sure you can get access to the right people and the right levels of service for your business as it’ll save you more time and energy than you could ever imagine!

So that’s our top 7 right now.  Let me know if you have your own top list or think we’ve missed one from here.


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