As part of our launching of our new, larger and far better service centre I wanted to get the team to do a blog series on Rugged PDA service.

Rugged PDA repair and service is one of the core elements of buying a rugged handheld over a smartphone and it also ensures you have a model where you can get the right help, quickly and with the right resolution.

We’ll start today by looking at the levels of service you can buy on most Rugged PDA’s and then we’ll explore these in more details as the series progresses.

Rugged PDA Service levels

Right at the bottom we’ve got the lowly but essential Warranty product.  Warranty is very basic at best and it pretty much ensures that the product you have works to a standard and is free from defects.  It’s not like warranty for a car as its doesn’t include anything that covers wear and tear, anything that shows signs of abuse and accidental breakages are totally not covered.  Anything over and above a true warranty claim will be chargeable for the parts and labour so you need to be aware that any broken LCD’s are not covered by warranty at all.

All rugged PDA’s come with 12 months warranty, the odd one 24 months, and they will also cover you for what we call the Dead on Arrival scenario where devices that are dead within a certain period of time will simply be exchanged not repaired.  However some manufacturers will only offer to repair so watch out for that.

The Service product

Typically the next step up is the Service product.  All the main manufacturers offer a service product of some nature.  The purchase is usually up front and for a 1-5 year period and you have to make your decision within a period of buying the device.  This product aims at giving you a better control of your overall costs and adds the following to the basic warranty product:

  • Accidental damage
  • Turn-around SLA of 3-5 days
  • Wear and Tear covered
  • Labour and parts cost included
  • Access to upgrades and other software

This is where products such as Motorola “service from the start”, Intermecs “Medallion” and Pidion’s “PidionCare” products sit.  They can typically be upgraded and tailored to meet most needs depending on the way its done but we’ll talk about that in a later article.

Managed services

lastly there are the managed services that are really all about delivering expertise and a helpdesk right into your organisation.  For instance here at RAM we simply have a dialogue with the end users of any managed devices, we use a range of tools to make issues easy to resolve remotely and we offer speedier repairs for these customers too.  Basically these customers have a direct dial into our engineers too so they can quickly get round any minor problems that can be addressed with a quick call or email.

That’s service in a nutshell then! Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the difference between warranty and service in more detail.

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