So, on to the last article in our series giving you our top 5 tips for rugged PDA repair end today with a look at transparency.

Rugged PDA Repair Transparency

We bark on about honesty and transparency all the time here, especially me!  Why, because we think good business is not about the money here, but about doing good and giving back as much as we can.  So how does this translate into one of the most asked about features we got feedback on for a repair centre?

Repair centre Transparency

Have you ever kissed goodbye to your broken device only to be found chasing up where it is 4 weeks later again 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks, with a big black hole of nothing in between?  We one of the most talked about subjects we got when we asked all our customers about repairs was the complete lack of communication of how the repair will work, what the stats are up front and just some kind of decent honest timings for the repair.  If we can build olympic stadiums to a rough time and budget then surely we can do the same with a small £200 repair?  Add to this you should look for the performance figures of the repair centre, do they publish them?  Do they give you a process that explains the process clearly up front and do they give you a process designed to communicate and give you the facts quickly about the repair itself?

Repair centre Honesty

I don’t think you can ask a repair centre for pure honesty, how do you know?  But there are a lot of things people told us could be addressed to remove the need to be honest, which in fact is being honest!!

Proper pricing

Loads of people told us how miffed they were with repair centres that just sent out the same quote repeatedly for many different types of failure, seeing it as a blanket cost for anything and basically feeling ripped off.  I have to say we’ve experience this here with many manufacturer repair centres.

Proper reporting

Another problem was the sheer lack of depth in any reports given. People wanted to see the problem outlined clearly, what was need to rectify the problem. the cost of this and also any tips or advice or notes to help them in future.

Being up front

Why can’t things be more clear and up front was another well discussed topic.  Ask the Repair Centre about their history, their stats, the parts they have in stock, the experience they have.  After all if it’s not up to scratch then your device could end up with many issues in the future resulting from the repair.

So, there we have it.  Our top 5 tips on what people moaned about when it came to Repair Centre’s.  In this world of diminishing resources and rising costs, repairing and mending will become a lot more important than it was in the throw-away era so it’s time to have a really good think about this before you buy your Rugged PDA.  Hope this has helped!

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