To celebrates the launch of our brand new Rugged PDA repair service and service hub we’re going to be talking about Rugged PDA support all week (not again I hear you cry!).

Well this series of articles will be different though, focussing on the repair element of support and actually, largely about what’s available to people who haven’t bought a comprehensive service package.  We actually spoke to these people and asked them a lot of questions about what they felt they needed right here in an article last week and it’s worth reading, here’s where we show you what we’ve done about it!

Adhoc Rugged PDA Repair isn’t so bad if done right!

There are lots of people who don’t buy comprehensive support for their PDA’s and to be honest, in our opinion there are many customers who we’re fine with doing this.  If you have expertise, or an in-house to run the mobile solution then that’s half the battle and if your users are careful or not running in a truly rugged scenario then rugged pda repairs will be infrequent.   Also if you can hold a small buffer stock to alleviate you of the pain of long SLA’s then you’re almost there.

There’s also a trend to dish out any repair costs to end users.  In this wonderful world of outsourcing we live in these days it’s becoming more and more common for businesses to demand repair costs from the users in the case of damage to them.

This leaves the parts, labour and Accidental stuff.  Well parts on other bands if you stay away from the Motorola’s and Intermec’s are made available regardless of service contract for years after EOL, Labour is simply a matter of getting your service and pricing right and not being too greedy about!  and lastly customers do have a lot of control over what breaks and what doesn’t with the right reseller working for them.

I think the days of using manufacturer lead service products are numbered unless something can be done about them.  Shock statement…. but….we make no money from them :-0, as more and more expertise-less, margin driven competitors enter the market, it’s a product that we have to literally give away to compete and the “end-user – Manufacturer” relationship will never be as good as what a local reseller can give you.

We think things are changing, the relationships you need are with the smaller resellers who will innovate and work hard for you over years, not big, powerful greedy manufacturers, forcing the issues!  So we’re changing with it!

more tomorrow…

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