So far we’ve looked at all the benefits and possibilities that Mobile EPOS Terminals bring and we love to err on the side of positivity but we also need to have a look at some of the challenges that new EPOS technology is faced with.  As new technology grows and even attempts to face some of the previous challenges, new ones are placed before it and as with all emerging and growing technology EPOS has its own set of challenges.


Perhaps the biggest threat to Mobile EPOS is fraud.  We’ve already hear stories about the new RFID enabled cards being scanned whilst in our own back pockets and giving your credit card to someone in the field with a mobile EPOS terminal poses some pretty big challenges in some respects.  Technology is wonderful and in the right hands can blossom and change people’s lives.  However there are still a lot of people out their intent on abusing technology and Mobile Epos, just like mobile in general, will have its security issues.  You have to think about these when deploying a mobile solution.

General Mobile Security Scenario

The mobile scenario itself brings a whole set of security challenges with it.  Data is no longer stored in safe, locked up servers and lies on terminals that could be easily lost or stolen and whilst actual cash is taken out of the equation, credit card details are something that criminals love to get their hands on!  It is essential you comply with the right regulations and also make every effort to secure data with agood data protection process and plan.

User Challenges

User roles have to change in order to embrace the Mobile EPOS Terminal scenario.  It takes away the established Checkout Operator role and creates new roles for staff, which won’t be welcomed by all.  Your technical guys might have to now do a little bit of payment and receipting as part of their work schedule.  Your classic payment staff might not want to take on a more expert driven advisory role so there are people challenges to employing a mobile EPOS solution as well as technical ones.

Technical Challenges

Mobile EPOS terminals are no longer sitting in 1 place so you have a wealth of technical challenges in order to manage, repair and service users and equipment.  Data is also stored in a more fragmented manner which brings data synchronisation challenges, some more complex than others.  EPOS terminals are also trying to do everything so have 1 piece of equipment with everything built-in can present cost and downtime challenges if not approached in the right manner.

Customer challenges

Some will delight at having the Apple experience, others will balk at having their credit card read by some chap with a clever device, with all those “Skimming” horror stories we hear about on the news in the fronts of their minds!  To be truly Mobile EPOS your users might be in the field in a scenario where its difficult to gain the trust of customers to give over credit card details so you have to accept these new challenges and deal with them in a way that will give your customers a better experience, not a worse one.

As we see Mobile EPOS grow, of course there will be challenges and I’m sure we’ll stories on the news breaking soon about data and fraud going on but we have to remember that, like with all emerging tech, these are the fringes of the problems.  If we do things right, face the main challenges down then we’ll see things blossom as they should!

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some actual Mobile EPOS devices to round things off.

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