So A quick blog to keep the series on Mission Critical Mobile Solutions going today where we discuss how being able to configure your rugged PDA can help with being line of business.

Essentially the hardware, or rugged handheld in this case, should be considered as a business tool, not some kind of cool device that can do Facebook great (Although we love Facebook here too!).  Some would say if your users are too happy with the device then it’s probably not the right device for your business but we won’t go in to that right here!  Essentially though a true mission critical solution should be able to configure the rugged PDA to the exact needs of the project.

Lets look at some examples.

A WAN chip, or GSM/HSDPA chip to you and me can be configured out in a lot of rugged PDA’s.  This brings benefits like:

  • Not paying for something that you don;t need, most WAN chips can save you £100+ per device.
  • Taking needless complexity out of the device that can go wrong.
  • Giving users 1 device that can work in 2 very different scenario’s without the cost.

Also a lot of your users might be doing slightly different jobs.  Your warehouse staff might need better Scan modules, maybe a long-range scanner, your delivery guys might need a device with a 2D scanner, HSDPA capability and they might need to use the phone too from time to time.

If you can find a device that will fit all your needs and can also fill the needs of your solution then you’re taking a major risk out of the project.  Not only will you have a rugged device, supported, roadmapped and tough to being with, but the config can enable you to keep the same device but in a mildly configured state for each specific task at hand.  This is something that will reduce risk, increase uptime but will also reduce time to deploy, train and costs in general.

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