This week we’re looking at what makes a PDA mission critical.  We interchange the terms Mission Critical with Rugged PDA a lot of the time so when you think we’re talking about water, dust and drop resistance, we’re actually referring to that fact a certain rugged handheld is good enough to run a line of business solution too.  In a way being solely “rugged” is just part of the argument, a true Rugged Handheld has to be a lot more… has to be mission critical.

I’m going to spend the next few blogs answering the most common questions we get regarding rugged PDA’s and we’ll talk about all the facets along the way uncovering some of the common mistakes we see.  Now we’re not going to be talking about anything in-depth here, but it will be a layman’s terms collection of things to look out for when deciding where to spend your money.  I’ll put a content up today and we’ll try to stick to this throughout the rest of the week or two’s articles which we’ll link up as a nice linked series.

I’ve tried to do this in order of importance according to what we see as issues here but a lot of the below could be placed in a different order depending on the scenario.

What makes a PDA Mission critical?

  • Ruggedness – Why tough doesn’t mean rugged?
  • Service and Support
  • The Reseller
  • Roadmap
  • Stable/compatible Device components
  • Configuration
  • Mobility and programming for “Mobile”
  • Data Capture
  • Operating Systems & Persistent storage
  • Accessories

Why aren’t Smartphones Mission Critical?

The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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