More of a Barcode Scanner thought provoking blog today!  more precisely Cheap Barcode Scanners.

The Barcode scanner market is mature and saturated.  The big resellers get the best prices and trap the market by buying high and selling low, usually less than 6% margins, often at 0%.  No-one buys support and over half of sales are for 2 scanners, namely the Motorola ls2208 or Motorola ls4208.  Take a look around, everyone is using them!!

Motorola's ls2208 Barcode Scanner

Motorola’s ls2208 Barcode Scanner

There’s little argument for rugged scanners in most environments as typically non-rugged ones are good enough for all but the worst conditions or businesses have a budget to replace broken items.  Having said that it’s where we get most of our scanner sales as there is a small opportunity to offer some expert advice.

However, we test Barcode scanners all the time and they’re all becoming very very similar in spec and usage, despite what the manufacturers want you to know and some even OEM the same technology.  So it even minimises the benefit of expert advice.  I ask in a market like this, where do you go?

The answer from a very interesting conversation I had with a distributor last week.  Manufacturer your own?!  i wonder how many resellers we’ll see doing this with Barcode Scanners and more interestingly Rugged PDA’s?  It may offer the only USP in a market that is so boring and rigid these days!!


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