Morning everyone, it’s a miserable chilly day here this morning in Liverpool, we’ve had rain, sleet, hail and thunder here in all in the past 12 hours, but we’ve got barcode scanners, rugged PDA and data capture to keep us going!!

We’re putting down the PDA and turning our attention to Barcode scanners this week as it’s time to update all our info on barcodes and barcode scanners with so many changes happening in the past 12 months.  I thought it would be great idea to sum this all up in 1 big barcode scanner guide!

We”ll take a look at barcodes first, explain what the heck are they, what kinds can you use  and why there are so many different versions.  Then we’ll talk about the kit used to scan them which should take us through a quick neat guide to barcode scanning technology.  I’ve laid out the contents here as we go along so it’ll create one big guide at the end.

The guide will be layman’s terms, aimed at helping the typical user that’s probably got better to do all day than learn about barcodes! but the aim here is to keep it simple and full of information to get you going and keep you running.

We’ll also keep coming back to the guide in order to keep it fresh and new.


1. Barcodes explained in laymans terms – An introduction

2. Barcode Solution Guide

3. Barcode Scanning Hardware

Come back soon as we add links to the contents

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