In this mini series about Bluetooth barcode scanners we’re going to give you the top SDK features, as per Socket Mobile’s guide.  Socket make Bluetooth Scanners and one of their strengths is that they have an extensive SDK (Software development kit) that works across all OS’s including Windows Mobile, IOS and Android.  It even works on Blackberries, (Whatever they are ;-0!).

Using the SDK of a bluetooth barcode scanner, isn’t difficult but it’s certainly worth it as it gives you so much fine control how your mobile solution scans barcodes.  It can be the difference between a poor and great application!

1. Cursor control

The ability to choose where the scanner data goes in to you application.  This can make the workflow of your data so different and can also give performance benefits to your app.

2. Range control

Detect when the scanner goes out of range.  Essential to stop you scanning barcodes into the ether!

3. Detailed Scanner Setup

The ability to set up the scanner for the scenario you’re in will make a huge difference to your scanning efficiency, but not only that, you can set up different profiles in your app and use the one that you need at the time.  If you;re in a low light condition or trying to scan through something, or have a plain awkward barcode to scan then this is how you do it.

4. Remote Acknowledgement

Allows your application to acknowledge receipt and success of the barcode scan.

5. Scanner triggering

Changing how the scanner behaves, do you need to press the button, is it always on or will it poll for barcodes (stand mode)?

6. Scanner paging

You do lose bluetooth barcode scanners from time to time.  Can you page yours to help you find it?

7. Scanner feedback

Set the scanner up to buzz, vibrate or play a different noise if the barcode is not the one you expected.

8. Battery level retrieval

If your application can get the battery level then it can give you all kinds of warnings and also behave differently at certain levels.

9. Symbology Config

This is so useful but so rarely used. Switching off all the symbologies the scanner will read will not only speed up the scanning enormously but you can also stop rogue barcodes getting into your system.  It’ll also reduce the training needed with users if they are scanning items with multiple barcodes on them.

10. Custom beeps

Creating custom beeps depending on the barcode scanned is more useful than it sounds!

So there you have it.  Next week we’ll update our top 5 bluetooth barcode scanners to round off the series.

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