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We’ve had a spate of LCD breakages in the repair centre here the past month so I thought I’d do a quick article on how you can protect your LCD proactively.  Depending on the device and the age of it, an LCD replacement can cost from £150 upwards of £350 and your Rugged PDA will be out of action whilst it is repaired too.  The few simple actions below can work wonders at reducing the number of LCD breakages you have.

1. Use Protection!!

We always offer screen protectors to our customers here but a lot still don’t bother with them.  A scratch protector will defend against scratches and dirt which can add up over time (Have you seen the post office PDA’s recently!!) but we can go a step further with an inexpensive impact protecting screen protector that will actually help against knocks and bangs.

2. Cases

We just did a week on cases so I’ll keep this short!  Cases with flip covers or anything that covers the LCD will make a marked reduction in the number of LCD breaks you have, not only because they protect the LCd but also they can stop your users dropping the device in the first place.

3. Education

Biro pens, dirty gloves, pieces of wood and metal, in fact anything but the stylus designed for the Rugged PDA will harm the screen and scratch it irreversibly over time.  Like-wise toolboxes, ladders and getting out of vehicles seem to be a common area where devices are dropped, but there are lots you can do to prevent them.  If you educate your users to use the screen properly they will last longer.

4.  Keep spares

Following on from (4) above, make sure you have enough spares to ensure your users are equipped properly.  For the sake of a couple of hundred pounds you can have enough spare cases, protectors and stylus’ on the shelf for an estate of 100+ rugged handhelds.

5.  Service Packs

Sometimes you simply can’t get round an LCD breakage.  The LCD is a very delicate part of the Rugged PDA and it is inevitable you’ll get the odd break here and there.  You can reduce your risks and costs significantly by opting for a service pack.  This will not only give you an SLA, reducing the tie your device is out of action, but it will also eliminate the costs as the parts and labour costs are covered by the service pack over the ter you have bought it.  It’s often the case that for the cost of just 1 LCD break you can have the assurance of a full comprehensive service pack for 2 or 3 years.

Come talk to us here at Rugged and Mobile if you want to know more about anything you can do to stop your devices getting broken, we’re always happy to help.

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