Bring your own device is a growing strategy used to quite literally outsource the mobile hardware selection and support to your workers.  As part of a 2 blog series i’m taking both sides of the BYOD coin and using some real world information i’ve learned on my travels to various customers and businesses I see.  I already flipped to the dark side and did an expose on why BYOD doesn’t work, but today I return to the Jedi masters and talk about all the benefits BYOD can bring to your business if implemented well!

Saving money!

The big reason why most companies adopt BYOD is clearly to do reducing costs.  Firstly there’s no up front mobile hardware cost as this is passed to the worker.  Secondly there’s reduced hardware support costs as these are again handled by the worker as it’s their phone.  Thirdly because the device they are using is familiar then there’ll be less associated costs like training or general IT or usability support.  If done right, then your business can pass the costs of mobile hardware onto the workers almost in it’s entirety.

Increased productivity

Familiarity breeds productivity in the business space and what is more familiar to your workers than their own smartphone or tablet being used for their job?  Rather than having to get to grips with a brand new device and new OS, they’ll know instantly how to download and install your business apps so they’re up and running quickly.  They’ll also need no training to use the phone, communication apps and anything else they might need to help them be productive.

Improved worker morale

Statistics show that workers who can use the technology they want and love improves their workplace satisfaction.  By letting people use their iPhones at work means they’re at home, often connected to all their apps and services they love so they become far happier in their job.

Reduced development complexity

Whilst developing applications for an increased number of device types can be more difficult, in today’s mobile world, it can also bring reduced complexity in your total IT and IS operation.  Being able to focus on software, removing any wireless or mobile hardware issues and by even focusing on the most popular devices you can have a reduced load on your technical teams.

Improved worker flexibility

BYOD fits with modern day working/living practices where the lines are smudged more than ever so BYOD workers inherently have more flexibility by using their own devices.  No longer do they have to carry around 2nd big rugged device but now they can simply get up, do their job and have a social life without blinking!

I think BYOD can be a great solution for some businesses but I have also seen it catastrophically fail at some too.  The key is understanding your workforce, your business, your customers and also the people who manage it.  Weight these up against the pro’s and cons of BYOD discussed in these 2 blogs and you should have a good idea whether your business is suited to it or not.

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