We get asked a lot how to set up GPRS on Rugged Handhelds, so here’s a 3 part series Video blog on how best to it.

Part 1 covers the steps in a lot more detail on a Windows 6.1 device, part 2 covers WM5.0 and part 3 Windows Mobile 6.5.3.

Part 1 – Windows Mobile 6.1
[viddler id=65e46a18&w=437&h=624]

Part 2 – Windows Mobile 5.0
[viddler id=450e2fa2&w=437&h=370]

Part 3 – Windows Mobile 6.5.3
[viddler id=154d464e&w=437&h=370]

We used a Pidion BIP-5000 for the Windows Mobile 6.1, an old Motorola, MC35 for the Windows Mobile 5.0 part and Motorola’s new ES400 for the WM6.5.3 video.



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