A read a new study recently and had to share it with you as I think we’ve all been in the situation where our mobile data seems to get used up in a way that just doesn’t add up.  Now this is annoying enough if its your own personal smartphone but what about a enterprise phone that’s key to your business running?

So just what is using up all that data allowance?

Below are the main culprits!

Whats eating your data without you knowing?

Whats eating your data without you knowing?


What can i do about this?

Well there are 2 things an Enterprise level phone can do about this.   Firstly make sure your device doesn’t have all of these rogue applications installed on it to begin with.  Whilst the above apps were the biggest culprits, there are also a lot of “Bloatware” apps that the big providers install onto their operating systems that are often impossible to remove.  If you buy a device built for business like a Raptor R5 for example you get an OS that’s pretty much out of the box Android, as plain and simple and naked as the day it was born with no bloatware on it that risks battery adn data loss.

Secondly you can stop users from installing mis-behaving apps by installing a KIOSK application onto their device.  This will restrict the way a user can use the mobile handheld and it should keep any data sucking apps fro ever being installed.

If you have a bloatware ridden device though a KIOSK will not remove or stop these, you’ll need to either re-flash your devices with a new OS which isn’t an option for most of us or find a way to stop and remove the apps but this will probably require rooting your phone which again isn’t really ideal for a business device.

How much can this cost me?

So 30% of your data plan is substantial and can also cost a business a lot of money.  If you have just 1 device that’s needing an extra 1GB per month then the average cost of this can be anywhere from £6 to over £15.  Add that up over 100’s of devices over 12 months and you have a potential problem.  My advice, if you’re running a business line solution on your phone, then try to use one where the OS can;t run the above apps.


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