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Sorry for the delay in our blogging lately, we’ve been quite busy with launching the site and adding one of the biggest ranges of products to be seen in our market. So far we have managed to successfully go live with our Zebra barcode and RFID printers and are ploughing through the Psion range which will arrive in the not so distant future. This is all good news and it doesn’t stop there, we can’t claim that Rugged and Mobile has one of the biggest product ranges without continually expanding it, so we can now announce that we’ve received our partnership status with Socket Mobile and will be offering their range in the near future. Watch this space for a blog about Socket Mobile’s products!

Recently at Rugged and Mobile we’ve been noticing a trend in customers being slightly confused and ill-informed about what products best suit their needs. Often customers contact us unaware of what type of barcode scanner they require, such as 1D, 2D, imager etc.

This is where we can help! Our commitment to tailored service ensures that after contacting us, each customer understands what products will benefit their business. Combined with our range of after sales services and bespoke software, we believe that Rugged and Mobile takes the pain out of buying in this often misty market.

Please feel free to browse our range of informative PDF’s that can help you understand the technology better and aid your decision-making.

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