It’s a historic day in the UK, if Scotland votes Yes today then the United Kingdom loses a country, we have to change the Union flag and Scottish people become as foreign as the French to us.

Here at RAM we’re all strongly in favour of a No vote!  In fact we believe in Europe and we think that it’s time we all learnt to just get on together across the who planet now. Splitting up unions like this isn’t the way forward for the future, it’s looking to the past.

We know London has too much power, you only have to live in the North of England to know that, we know you Scots have all longed for your freedom for centuries now and we know that pretty much half of you want your independence.


Just remember that 96% of the UK aren’t voting today and a great deal of that 96% love the UK as it is and we don’t want to see Scotland leave. Remember there’s also a lot of history we made together too. Think about the Olympics, the great work we do as the UK in the world and the fact that we’re not neighbouring countries anymore, we’re the one and the same people here!

Whatever happens good luck to all today (but lets stick together!!)

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