Sewoo LK-P30 – First look

Sewoo LK-P30 - First look
lacking some features, but does all the important basics really well at unbeatable price.
Value for money95%
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  • Strong battery
  • Super quality, and its rugged too!
  • Value for money is top of the class
What's a bit late!
  • No LCD screen
  • No IOS support (yet)
89%Overall Score
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As part of our Sewoo meet the manufacturer week, today i’m taking a look at one of the most popular rugged printers they sell in the 3″ market, the LK-P30.

UK business likes it’s 3″ receipt and label printing so a small rugged 3″ printer is goiung to meet some stiff competition form the likes of the Zebra QLn320 or even the none-rugged MZ320 and a whole host of other printers from various makes.  However the LK-P30 really does stand out and here’s why.

In the hand

The LK-P30 is small in the hand when compared to somehting like an old Zebra QL320, it’s larger than an MZ320 but thats the whole point of this printer. It just seems like it’s the right size.  You’ll be able to have this on your work belt or over your shoulder using the built in strap location points easily all day.  This printer is small and light but it’s also large enough to have a big battery and usable size roll.  I think the size and weight will be perfect for a lot of businesses.

Somehting else I would pick up on here is that the LK-P30 just feels solid.  OK, so it’s not the most solid feeling portable printer i’ve ever held, but it’s also not £600 either, but the platsics are thick, it has a really nice solid feel and it is definitely a cut about anything else we’ve seen coming from the east in terms of build quality. The buttons are solid and have string springs in them and theres attention to detail too in things like a metal platten roller (not plastic) and rubber detailing to make it grippy. The LK-P30 just feels like it will  last for years.

Spec & Features

The LK-P30 has a decent spec where it matters most so you’ll see a nice big 7.4V 2200mAh battery, a decent sized 56mm diameter roll capacity and the print statistics are also up there with the newest devices.  100mm/s print speed is fast, and the max print width of 79.2mm is impressive so this printer is capable and competent and it’s also going to last you all day.

However it doesn’t stop there!  The LK-P30 also packs some nice features too.  Choices of USB, Serial, Bluetooth or WiFi printing mean you won;t want for connectivity options. Magnetic and chip card reading options also mean the LK-P30 will be as at home taking card details as it will be printing receipts and there’s a fair few accessories that can use the various anchor points on the case of the device.

Ruggedness & build quality

One trick the LK-P30 has up it’s sleeve is it’s ruggedness. IP54 takes care of water and dust and a drop spec of 1.8M means this is one tough little device that’s going to be at home inside or out printing in all kinds of weather and conditions. The general build quality as mentioned above is really good too so this printer will see years of use before it starts to grumble.

The rubber casing will also help to stop you dropping it in the first place and there are plenty of accessories to holster, case or carry the

device safely whether inhouse, on the move or in cab.

Price & availability

So the LK-P30 is simply one great printer but the last trick is in the price.  Whilst I genuinely feel a Zebra level of quality here, this printer is half the price, expect to see pricing easily under the £300 mark for any model. I had to actually call up and double check that because these prices are in the area you’d expect non-rugged to be or where you find a less quality product.

All the Sewoo printers in this range are available now.

My take!

The rugged market is fiercely fought and the portable printer sector is no exception so you have top work hard in this market as a supplier to get traction. However Sewoo are doing that, they have the right connections with the right Eastern based PDA/Tablet suppliers and most importantly they have the product right in the case of the LK-P30.  The price is keen because it has to be to compete but don;t be fooled by that, this portable printer is one heck of a bargain.


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