Welcome back!

Rugged and Mobile are back with the first blog of the week just to let you people about our newest product range (yes, another one). This time it is the turn of American manufacturers Socket Mobile who are offering the highest level of mobile adaptability for data collection.

Socket has a varied range of products that include mobile computers, Bluetooth barcode scanners and Plug-in data capture scanners. The SoMo 650 range of mobile computers have the Windows 6.1 OS and offer affordable business mobility. An impressive antimicrobial version (650Rx) is also available for healthcare applications.

Socket also gives the option to add barcode, magnetic/smart card or RFID reading capability to all of their handheld computers, which can save you money! Connecting these accessories to your current PDA is done via the SD card slot and it makes scanning 1D and 2D Barcodes possible. We’ve tried the SD Scan Card here at the Rugged and Mobile HQ on a Symbol MC35 and it works brilliantly.

The Socket products will be on our site very soon offering you some cost cutting alternatives to mobile data capture in the enterprise end of the market.

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