I actually read a great article on this which provoked a lot of response so thought we’d have some fun today by looking back at just how ubiquitous the smartphone has become in our lives.  It’s actually amazing to stop and look at just how much that thin square slab of circuit board now does in our every day lives!

Below is our top 10 list of just how useful the smartphone has become.

GPS & Maps

if you’re old enough to remember getting a road atlas for Christmas was just about the most useful present you got (Oi i’m not that old you know!) then you;re old enough to remember TomTom on an HP iPaq and TomTom go’s too!  Mapping on smartphones is now so deep and accurate that it has quite literally taken away our need to map and navigate.

Home Landlines

Who has a landline these days other than your Gran or perhaps Virgin mobile customers who are forced to have a landline that sits unused for no reason at all.  The days of having a house phone are completely gone now that we all have smartphones but not only has the smartphone taken over the lowly landline, it’s also a VOIP device with Skype or any other VOIP app running on it and also a capable video conferencing tool too.

Pay Phones

Wow, another age revealing behavior.  I truly remember as kid pushing 2ps into the pay phone to call my family when I was away on school trips or the like.  Pay phones are completely obsolete other than to sleep in if you miss your last train home!

Cameras/Video cameras

I’m an avid photographer but I have to say the latest smartphones have not only caught up with most point and shoots now, but they have also opened up a whole new culture of how we take photo’s.  The selfie, Instagram with it’s filters and the way we now record our lives like we’re all film stars is all because the camera and video camera in your smartphone enabled it!

Clock/Alarm clock

OK, so I must be in the minority these days with my trusty £9.99 atomic alarm clock (also a great Christmas present 10 years ago!) by my bed but I so many people now siply use their smartphone with a cool app to wake them up in all kinds of ways.  What’s telling is that when away from home, you just use your smartphone rather than take an alarm clock with you.

Voice recorder

If you’ve been in marketing and also technical meetings as much as me, then you know how useful it is to record and review meetings but these days rather than use a separate voice recorder, the trusty smartphone has an app that’ll record, edit and share anything you want at the touch of a button…or icon!

MP3 players/iPods

Even Apple’s mighty iPOD succumbed and became part of the IOS operating system.  I was a huge advocate of the orignal iPODs but do I use them now?  No of course not! My music isn’t really even on my phone these days and storing MP3’s, synced with my main music database looks old fashioned compared to streaming music direct via Soundcloud or some other music streaming service.


I must use a calculator every day of my life but I don;t own one other than on my smartphone or laptop.  One of the first apps I think you downloaded in the original smartphone days!


It’s becoming more and more common now to stream video or even live TV data via your smartphone.  I look on with envy as some of my friends watch Sky sports football or Formula 1 on their mobile devices and I still see the wonder in peoples faces when I chrome cast my photos, a YouTube video or BBC iPlayer to my home TV.  All done via the smartphone!

There’s loads more that came up than this but i’d love to hear from you too.  What do you think your smartphone does that was once the world of some other behavior or gadget?

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