We’re selling more and more Mobile EPOS terminals (Electronic Point of Sale) here these days and whilst we the EPOS market is not really core to what we do here, there is a lot of technology that these little devices pack so we thought we’d do a series of articles that looked at EPOS this week.

Mobile EPOS is certainly on the up and the devices are very interesting because they pack so much technology in them like Magnetic card readers, chip and PIN readers, Printers, Finger print readers and lets not forget the RFID readers for cards enable with RFID.  We think this will be the killer app for these terminals as we start to see the £10 card payments take the place of loose change just like the Chaps on those roller coaster rides on the adverts!

In this series, we’ll look at the following subjects:

Blog 1: What is EPOS, mobile EPOS, the background to EPOS technology and why it’s popularity is on the up

Blog 2: How does EPOS work – The technical stuff

Blog 3: EPOS in practise – A look at real life Mobile EPOS applications you have probably already seen and used!

Blog 4: The future, the challenges and the Pro’s and Cons of EPOS

Blog 5: Mobile EPOS – A look at some devices.

We’ll fill in the links above as we wrote the articles this week.

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  1. sparkstoneweb

    It’s all heading towards mobile, whether it be mobile commerce of MPOS. It’s about keeping the user happy and users are happy on their phones it’s easy and straight forward. It’s always good to see progression like this heading towards mobile.