Social Business and Social funding – The TikTok Lunatik Project

OK, they tell you to blog about something completely off the wall once in a while so here it is.

Rugged and Mobile have a very philanthropic view on business, in fact it’s deeply rooted in everyone here.  I personally give business advice to start-ups, especially in disadvantaged areas and we also find small start-up projects and invest in many of these.  They often include all manner of African and Indian projects as but also anything we feel is rather cool and will become a success or change the planet in how things are done.  We really should shout more about what we do as a company!

One project we helped fund through Kickstarter is the Lunatik watch project which is a really cool watch assembly for the new iPod nano.  As you’ll see from the pictures it really is very cool, kind of rugged (OK I am stretching that a bit here!!) but also it’s a great piece of kit for those joggers amongst us and it has really got people talking when they see it for the first time.  THe word here is “Quality”, with machined aircraft grade aluminium and the strap is made from very good quality silicon.  The project was founded by Scott Wilson, the man behind the Nike Presto Watch so it has some great credentials to build on.

OK, so the product is cool but this isn’t what we bought in to or the point I want to make here.  What we bought in to was the social way in which this was funded and the transparent manner by which the whole project was run.  Not only was this a $1M project that was funded completely by businesses wanting to chip in (It took about 30 days to do that by the way!), but the whole project history from inception to manufacturer was published, shared and discussed on their website all the way through.  We’re seeing this in the way we borrow money where social lending is the fastest growing business on the planet right now and I think this represents the changing face of how business will be done in the future.  I just can’t see Dell or HP managing in this world and I certainly can’t see Tesco’s, banks or Oil companies doing it.

The trust is gone and we’re starting to place it into each other……  Where it should be placed.

When it comes to brand these days is it really that little apple shape that’s going to win out or what I have bought into with the Lunatik?  I know where my money will be going next!!

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to good old Rugged PDA’s again, with a fabulous scoop on the Pidion BIP-7000 where we have got our mitts on the first one in the UK.

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