Startrek Rugged PDA’s!

It’s Friday, it has been a long week and I just got read a great white paper on implanted technology that made me want to take the Friday blog on this week.  I’m a Startrek fan, not a trekky but I do love a bit of Star Trek now and then (next generation for me any day!).  I caught myself watching a re-run the other night and realised that half the stuff they use is in our every day lives, for real now.  So with no new Star trek series to rely on for the past few years I wonder what will be next?

We have small medical scanners that can see inside our bodies, we have little devices that show a wealth of biometric information on them and all you have to do is clip them on your finger and with these we practically have the medical “tri-corder”.  We can locate people at the touch of a button (If they have given us permission of course) and track them in minute detail.

We can also get hold of, talk to and even video conference with anyone with the right application to do so.  I’m guessing iPhone users will find that last bit a lot easier to do with Facetime!  We can also get every bit of information a PDA has stored or has performed and then mash it up to create fantastic new knowledge about what our business needs to do.  There’s so much data there it’s frightening and it’s not what we collect but how we merge and use it that matters these days.


What particularly interests us here is augmented reality, isn’t that just so startrek “Main viewer” and it’ll only be a matter of time before we use this technology in full to help deliver parcels, find products in supermarkets and to also give people who couldn’t do something an easy way to do it.  But wait, that’s not all.  We’re also seeing more and more implants and robotic devices that are designed to become part of our very being and not only that but letting these devices just talk to each other instead of to a human is also a prospect that is becoming more every day than exciting new idea.We don’t wonder what a world like this looks like because you don’t have to wonder too much as its here, but what we do wonder about is the role of the Rugged PDA and data capture in this new wonderfully data rich world.

Being serious about all of this, I think we’re seeing a real acceleration and shift in the Rugged PDA market.  We’re already seeing a shift to thin and slim.  Ruggedness is being taken as the assumed, not a USP and everything is getting smaller and more powerful and being asked to do more.  If you look beyond the current issues then you’ll see a very different world ahead of us.

All I need my trusty smartphone to do now is to beam me from place to place and I’ll be happy!

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