The rugged PDA is a great tool for your business and we could have told you that the Rugged PDA market is strong, however confirmation from wireless Logic shows this to be a market that is maintaining growth (albeit small!) in a time where others are contracting.

I want to explore a few key areas to show you why customers are seeing the why Rugged Handhelds are the right way to go.  Firstly Rugged PDA’s are becoming the choice for established projects who have come to realise and rely on their mobile solutions.  There is no doubt that we’re seeing more and more established customers who are looking to refresh their Mobile Computer hardware to underpin existing long running mobile solutions.  People have literally gone out, tested the water with £300 smartphones, seen how well the mobile solution has worked for them and now need something that can run their platform reliably.

Although more expensive, with a Rugged Handheld costing on average about twice that of a non-rugged smartphone, you’ll start to see savings straight the way with reduced support cases, less down time and quicker and more appropriate support for when accidents to hardware can’t be avoided.

Add to this the cost savings a mobile computer platform will bring in the medium to long term.  Not only will you reduce fuel costs, your carbon emissions, paperwork and employee time leading to cost savings and happier employees, but you will also have a solid foundation on which to drive innovative new ideas that will increase your bottom line too.  No wonder people are seeing the benefits of Rugged PDA’s!!

I also think people are genuinely starting to understand convergence on Rugged Handhelds too.  You no longer need to have a separate camera, barcode scanner, GPS unit or even RFID reader.  It can all be found in one device, that can do it all without the complication of multiple hardware and multiple manufacturers.

The increase in Machine to Machine (M2M) centred solutions is also driving the need for Mobile computer.  We now live in a world where web and mobile services talk, consume data from each other and present it into knowledge with the need of human intervention.

We’re especially seeing growth in the tracking sector too where there is a shift from vehicle tracking to “people” tracking, driven by legislation and innovation and the Rugged PDA is perfectly centred for this use.

Add to this the dominant changes we have seen in the world that the recession, or “reset” as I like to call it, has brought.  We are seeing the end of the “Ownership/purchase” era and are entering an era where people want to be greener, want to re-use and recycle more and want to be more cost restrained and you start to see the trend.

One last comment I would make is that the recession has also brought a new lack of trust for existing brands who are seen to have not only caused but even selfishly benefitted from the recession.  Brands like Motorola, Intermec, Psion and Honeywell will be affected by this as people turn to newer, fresher brands like Pidion who will be given their chance to gain the customers trust.

We specialise in expert Rugged PDA advice here, especially in these emerging brands so come talk to us if you want to learn more and buy with confidence.


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