The Rugged Market has always been about only necessary change (Mission Critical), service and hardware that will last for years.  However if you look at the smartphone, tablet and indeed mobile solutions market, it’s all about flexibility, being able to keep up and change quickly and to do so at low-cost and risk.  Why would you not seek this as an end-user?

In response rugged manufacturers are beginning to release new products more frequently, some are making major changes to existing models up to 2-3 times per year and all will argue that in a world of greater choice, you need to keep your USP’s fresh to stand out.  It all looks a lot like Car manufacturers 10-15 years ago to me!

However the onus is being placed more and more on the reseller as support needs to become more local, quicker and also more intimate to meet the demands of customers so we’ll see a definite split in reseller types this year.  There will be those who simply add everything their web shops without doing the homework needed to support properly, but there will be those who educate and do the choosing for customers whilst also ensuring they can change quickly but also deliver the right service, solutions and support to meet end-user business demands.

We’re changing here hugely this year, we changed last year too but 2013 will see a major shift in how customers buy Rugged and Mobile equipment, how they use it and what they demand from it and the people they buy from.

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