The Rugged PDA market is slow, lags slightly in technology but the pay off is that everything changes less frequently but this is no longer the case.  The smartphone and consumer markets are changing so rapidly now that demand in the rugged market happens quickly or the devices get left behind!  Business is more interested in flexibility, innovation and making key ROI over shorter times than they are reducing risk and having hardware that they need to keep for years on end.

One thing we’ve seen spill over from the consumer market is the sheer number of device form factors, largely driven by Android.  LCD sizes are no longer restricted to 2.8 and 3.5″, keyboards are fast becoming irrelevant and battery technology is also allowing for lighter, smaller and more shapely kit.  Meanwhile the lines between PDA, smartphone and Tablet are blurring rapidly.  Where, for example, do you place a PDA with a 5″ capacitive screen and stylus?

We saw demand for 7″ tablets last year, however this year we’ll see demand for a far more specific range of form factors and screen sizes as greater choice becomes the norm.

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