BYOD or Bring your own device has been talked about so much in the past but has never quite hit home, however you only have to talk to any Mobile Device Management company as well as feel their changing attitude to hardware resellers to know that BYOD is a major challenge for a Rugged Hardware Reseller as it becomes a real strategy for companies rolling out mobile solutions to their employees.

The key challenges of securing company data on hardware that employees own will always be prevalent but many of then have been resolved to a point where it has become a reality to provide your mobile solution to employees using their own hardware.  At the same time, sheer convenience for the users looking for the same convergence and experience they have on their own devices will drive forward the same strategy.

2013 will see a shift towards BYOD in our view as the flexibility, cost savings and sheer removal of hardware risk and cost is too much for corporates who rely on cost cutting to make ends meet.

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