Trend 3 of our predictions for the top mobile trends for 2013 is 4G.  Despite huge advances in mobile technology in recent years and the shift to mobile solutions is almost a given now, the fabric that holds the data together has arguably lagged behind.  4G promises huge advances in bandwidth, from the single digit MB per second speed to broadband busting 100MB per second and this will bring a few key changes with it.

Firstly pricing for data will have to drop to make using this amount of bandwidth a reality.

Secondly mobile speeds will push us all into a mobile world, even more so than today with all kinds of solutions becoming a reality whilst on the move.

Lastly 4G will bring a robustness and scalability never seen before in mobile data connectivity which will fuel hybrid and web solutions by providing nearer to a “connected” experience rather than the “occasionally connected” one of today, which in turn will fuel solution delivery in itself.

4G is new, but its al;so here with most of the UK networks having plans to buy and use right now.  Sure, it will take time for the service to grow and mature and 2013 will be a key year in this growth.

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