So we talked about Cloud solutions being a mobile trend of last year and, whilst we probably got that one right to a degree, I think 2013 will be the year that Cloud becomes the true “go to” platform of choice for pretty much all companies.

Why?  Well firstly, the whole bunch of red tape and compliance is being understood far better by both the solution provider and the end-user.  At the same time concerns over security are being met far better by the cloud suppliers like Microsoft, Amazon etc that are really now helping the smaller cloud solution providers to trust what they’re basing their solutions ons.

The drive of Hybrid or Web on mobile devices is also gaining momentum (see tomorrow!) coupled with better and better connectivity means that cloud or as some of us might understand better, web style solutions that take the concept of “occasionally connected” to “connected most of the time” will drive more client-server connected style solutions that fit naturally into the cloud space.

Lastly the benefits of cloud based solutions are really beginning to hit home now.  Business is really starting to the benefits, over the threats of cloud and 2013 will be the year we see solutions that embrace cloud doing way cooler stuff than anything else.  Lets not forget that we all use cloud based solutions every day and general user mentality expects the same iCloud or Play style of service you get on your simple smartphone.

I’m pushing the chips into the middle of the table and banking on cloud being one of the big, big stories of 2013!

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