So 2012 was a year of change in the rugged and mobile markets.  More than half of us now own a smartphone with the general smartphone market doubling in size year in year.  Mobile data usage also doubled with a proliferation of video and media consumption and sharing of photo’s leading the way and we all tweeted, synchronised and backed up our data more than ever!

Android stole more market share, Apple stayed where they were, whilst Blackberry, Microsoft and everyone else fell back in awe against a 75% dominant Android market share.  The tablet market, although stronger for Apple at about 50% also saw Android take over 45% with other brands (Including Windows based OS’s) losing out hugely.  We had cheap smartphones, cheap rugged PDA’s and the choice of hardware grew significantly in both the rugged and non rugged markets.

Everyone seemed to buy everyone else!  Google, Motorola, Psion etc and it was a time of big change, which is showing no signs of slowing down as we enter 2013!  So just what are the trends going to be this year?  Lets take you through our top 10 rugged and mobile trends for 2013, starting today with….

1. The Androids March On!

Android is a technology we continually get asked to deliver on or use and it’s going nowhere at the moment but onwards and upwards.  In fact, when compared to technologies like Windows Mobile and .NET, it’s so easy to pick up, to use and develop great solutions with that all the petty negatives of Android are simply outweighed or have been resolved as the OS updates so frequently.  I’m personally not sure if Android is resolving the whole mobile issue.  For instance I’m told that despite the numbers of clients, Android has not done much for Google traffic and Google does have an issue controlling all the cheap hardware it runs on (maybe they didn’t just buy Motorola for the patents ;-)!), but there is still  no doubt that Android will grow, it will take more market share and it’s here to stay…well for the next 12 months at least anyway!

Apple/IOS and Microsoft especially have a lot of catching up to do and in the rugged market all we’re seeing right now are Android versions of devices being released, most of them patchy and half thought through but there’s no doubting the focus.  It’s fast becoming the choice of solution technology in the market and the Android army will march on throughout 2013.

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