There are largely 3 types of Barcode Scanner, CCD, Laser or 2D among some others, however the popular ever present Laser based Barcode scanner has always been the stalwart technology for barcode reading.

We’re seeing this change and in 2012 we’ll see some changes to Laser scanning and what adopts it.

CCD is cheaper, smaller, more rugged and it has all but caught up Laser technology for range, flexibility and efficiency, whilst 2D scanners have gotten so good at reading 1D barcodes now that they are becoming the only option in Rugged PDA’s now.  Even Motorola have replaced the 1D laser option in their MC65 in favour of the Blockbuster 2D scanner.

We also seeing a lot of new more budget barcode scanners adopting CCD technology but wrapped up in Rugged and Wireless form factors all showing that Laser is no longer the tried and trusted technology that forms the foundation of more complex and risky products.

price really does rule in the barcode scanner market and I think this year we’ll see a lot of development in CCD, 2D but alas not 1D laser technology.

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