We’ve seen bell curves flatten in most markets, non less than in music and the car sector and I think we’ll see an acceleration of devices hit the rugged Market in 2012.  We already have 3 or 4 new manufacturers per week contact us about selling their wares and we’ve seen so many rugged Handhelds and barcode scanners hit the market in the past 12 months and this trend will rise as the East sees opportunity in the West and as new opportunities open up for new products that fit needs more specifically.

I think larger companies are going to have to accept less, because the wealth will be shared between more devices on offer, customers will need good resellers who can steer them through the choice and hopefully have tested and be able to advise on most devices and resellers will adopt some new strategies which will align them ever more closer to their customers in the quest for service differentiation and complexity simplification.

2012 will see a plethora of new Rugged devices hit the market but it will also be key for customers to see a genuine, transparent and knowledgable guidance through the ever increasing choice or Rugged Kit they see.

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