We’ve already seen Android take the smart phone world by storm, with Android now outselling even iPhone in that market (although I didn’t see anyone using a non iPhone or Blackberry handset on my recent trip to the USA…funny??)

Anyway what is clear is that Android has got a few things right and we’re now seeing the first Android Rugged PDA’s hit the market in earnest.

Android still has a long way to go in our view in becoming a true line of business OS, but if your business has the expertise and support then it becomes a real contender to the 99% Microsoft environment we have had in the rugged market for years.

With Pidion and Motorola now having devices running the open source OS and rumours about many others including Trimble, and Honeywell there is no doubt that the rugged hardware manufacturers are just starting to take Android seriously, whilst the nature of the cloud way we develop solutions will look for cheaper, more agnostic and open handsets too.

2012 will be a landmark year for Rugged android Hardware which will see it get through a lot of its teething problems and become a new choice when selecting hardware.

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