OK, the last in our Rugged and Mobile Trends for 2012 talks about RFID.  I know, RFID is always on the “Set to explode” list and never quite does but I think 2012 will be different and will finally be the year that we see RFID become adopted far more strongly.

First of all the technology has decreased in price now to such a degree that it is way more feasible that it was a year ago.  Add to this there are a lot of quality tags and readers now that can be bought at reasonable pricing.  We’ve seen a lot of people get burnt who bought cheap “Ebay” or imported tags and readers who then suffered with crippling support costs and these earlier adopters are all coming back now and doing things right.

The technology itself is also getting a shot in the arm with new mobile, cashless payment systems putting RFID in the hearts and minds of people as a safe and secure technology to run on.

We saw an increase in RFID enabled Rugged PDA’s last year, we also saw a huge increase in manufacturers offering RFID readers as an option in their Handhelds and I think this year will be a big one for RFID technology.

That’s it then, we’ll check back in a years time to see how many of these we got wrong!!  Until then lets see if any of our predictions come true!!

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