Something I got from the Mobile trends group on LinkedIn.  It’s the Mobile trends Report from Allot Mobile Trends.

Nice report, might be a bit “Shiny” oriented for us “Rugged” folks but it’s important info all the same.  Key findings here:

  • Global mobile data bandwidth usage increased significantly with 68% growth.
  • Video streaming continued to be the fastest growing application type with a 92% increase. Video streaming is also the single largest application worldwide.
  • YouTube remains one of the single most important websites accounting for 13% of global mobile data bandwidth.
  • VoIP and IM grew by 84% becoming the second fastest growing application worldwide.
  • Twitter experienced a huge 310% jump in its global mobile data bandwidth usage.
  • Facebook increased its dominance of the social networking segment and grew by 200%.
  • Skype remains the undisputed VoIP market leader, accounting for 83% of global mobile VoIP bandwidth.

and the report can be downloaded from here:

Mobiletrends Report

Happy reading!


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