As mobile really tips the balance this year, we’ll see a definite shift and focus to security on mobile devices.  What I mean by this is that just like your laptop, 2016 will see a shift in mentality to thinking about virus checkers, spam filters and malware protection on your mobile phone.

Privacy and permission

Add to the above that getting access to people will become harder too.  Firstly there are so many apps and feeds and options out there now that mobile users will need to aggregate what they see in some way, thus filtering out many different apps and feeds.  Secondly permissions and rights will be understood more and tightened up so rogue apps that literally steal data from you for no apparent reason will be harder to use without knowing what they’re doing.  We’ve already seen this change in the latest Android Marshmallow update and as people start to wake up to how much their data is worth, we’ll see this trend accelerate through 2016.

OS uncertainty

Android continues to march on as the dominant OS in both the consumer and Enterprise world however it continues to become more fragmented. IOS shifts into Enterprise mode, Windows 10 phone has all but gone, Blackberry is gone, it’s back, it’s using Android and who knows what’s going with Windows mobile AKA Windows Embedded 8.1?  And who would use it for that matter.  The mobile OS is one big uncertain area of mobile computing and it’s not going to get any better in 2016, giving businesses who need to upgrade or innovate a real headache.

“Hybridness” gains traction

With ru8mours that the iPhone 7 will be rugged but look the same as the 6S and also more and more businesses looking for more familiarity ion their mobile devices, we’ll continue to see a shift to Rugged that looks like smartphone.  The Raptor style of mobile devices should win out in 2016 seeing an end to the trend of big, old clunky Windows Mobile rugged PDA’s.

Wearables innovate but still struggle to find their place

Apple watch 2.0 will arrive in March, and history dictates that v2.0 of Apple products bring along big changes and big strides forward but will the wearable find it’s true place in our world? Some will but most won’t in 2016.

IOT strides forward

Unlike wearables, IOT devices will continue to catch the wind and they will start to gain traction in the business, enterprise markets as consumers learn to understand and trust them.  Will we see them start to take market share form classic mobile devices?  Not just yet but the shift from “data Pulling” to “contextual data delivery” will be seen more than ever.

The year of mobile first software

Everyone is talking about “context” right now but just what does that mean?  Rather than assuming we all sit in front of an app at a desk or laptop, 2016 will see a shoft to “contextual” software development.  We’ve all been using apps for some time now but 2016 will see a definitive shift from the “web first” to “mobile first” in their strategies.  Think Uber who doesn’t even have a web app, just running on mobile devices for admin or user applications with apps that deliver the right experience depending on what the user is doing and where they are.

Mobile payments become the norm

We say a Christmas last year where more people than ever were going online and using their mobile phones to pay for goods.  With Android Pay coming to the UK in 2016 and Apple Pay already here (it’s very good!) we’ll see a raft of new apps and technology that will take advantage of this pushing retail and buying further into the mobile world.

Wireless gets better and better…

Both WiFi and 4G will get faster and better as more devices take up 4G and AC, or n wifi.  This trend will also be dirven by the IOT market which the mobile market continues to thrive off the innovation.

So there’s our predictions for 2016, some obvious, some not so and some down right punts by the team here!!  Let us know what you think and be sure to tell us in the comments.


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Dave's one of the founders of Raptor, his rants are memorable, his thoughts are stimulating and his heart is set on helping, entertaining and making things like mobile, Android, ruggedness, 3D printing and IOT simple.

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