The Pidion Rugged PDA Family

Pidion Rugged PDA’s

Pidion Rugged PDA's are fastbecoming one of the top choices you can make when selecting your Rugged opr semi-rugged PDA solution. This weeks Friday Manufacturer blog takes a look at Pidion and what they have to offer the RUgged PDA market.
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The importance of Rugged PDA Evaluations

Semi rugged PDA's, Slim rugged PDA's, small rugged PDA's, cheap rugged PDA's, confused? There are so many rugged PDA's on the market these days all with different quirks, options and form factors. Learn the best way to get your solution right first time.
The Otterbox for Motorola's ES400

Motorola ES400 Revealed

The Motorola ES400 is here. The small rugged PDA which replaces the motorola MC35, and not a moment too soon, looks promising but has a few quirks. I discuss some of them here.